saving jpg file with other quality options


i’m a starter with AppleScript so please give an answer for n00bs :wink:

i want to save a file which i have open in photoshop, i do that with “save current document as JPEG in prevFolder” but the result has a very bad quality. Is there a command with which i can tell photoshop which quality to use? While searching for the problem on your site i found the line “set myoptions to {class:EPS save options, encoding:medium quality JPEG, preview type:eight bit TIFF}” and then “save current document as Photoshop EPS in destination_folder with options myoptions” but i didn’t realy get what this means and so i didn’t manage to change this line so it could help me :frowning:

would be great if someone could help me


The line that you found is kinda what your looking for so your heading in the right direction.
You need to look in photoshops dictionary here you will find a boat load of options for the various saving syntax.
which will vary from file format to file format.

For instance search for “eps save options” in the dictionary scroll down to where it says “encoding” in bold and look at all the different quality options you can
select, you should see amongst them the one that you found in the line of code you came across “encoding:medium quality JPEG”

for you then you need to be looking at “JPEG save options” here you should find everthing you need, you can just set it out the same as the “eps options line” you found.

Hope this sheds some light on this for you abit, if you still have trouble then post back and me or someone else can help you some more.