Saving PopUpbutton settings


I have an app that allows the user to add items to a PopUpButton via a textField. What I am unable to do is to use NSUserDefaults to save items added to it. Since NSPopUPButton is an array, I thought NSUserDefaults will generate a plist file in which the data can be saved an loaded upon launch.

Could anyone help me please


Here is some of my code:
property popupButton : missing value
property textField : missing value
property theLabel : missing value

on awakeFromNib()
popupButton’s addItemsWithTitles_({“alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”})
popupCount’s setIntValue_(popupButton’s numberOfItems())
theLabel’s setStringValue_(popupButton’s titleOfSelectedItem)

set defaults to current application's NSUserDefaults's standardUserDefaults()
set defaultValues to {|PopUp|:"0", popupButton:""} -- starts with values on
defaults's registerDefaults_(defaultValues)

popupButton's setTitle_(defaults's valueForKey_("PopUp"))

end awakeFromNib

You just set the defaults; the saving is done for you. Something like:

defaults’s setObject_forKey_(someList,someKey)