saving to text file specifying paragraphs

at the moment i am using a text file as a database for my users and their details for my website… now the applescript i have made reads the users details by specifying paragraphs


set bFile to (choose file with prompt "Select Users Profile" without invisibles)
open for access bFile
set txt2 to (read bFile)
close access bFile
delay 5

-- get users details
set myList2 to {}
repeat with counter from 1 to 26
	set temp_data to display dialog item counter of myList1 default answer paragraph counter of txt2
	set temp_string to text returned of temp_data
	set myList2 to myList2 & temp_string
end repeat

now basically what i would like to do is the reverse of this so when i update or change some of my users details i can just specify what paragraph in the text file to write to…

Hi sindustrial_zero,

There are several ways to do this. You need to think about how many records you plan on storing. 30, 100, 1000, 1000000?

There is one thing you should know. You cannot “replace paragraphs” as is. Think bytes.