Scale and watermark an image with text in TextWrangler

I’ve done a blog post with a 10 min video for those interested enough to run a scale & text watermark images script from within TextWrangler.

The script uses MovingImages to do the processing. For large numbers of images I believe this script is faster than other scripting solutions for scaling and watermarking images.

Most of the scripts are accessed by running them from the command line, but I decided it would be good to try different approaches to scripting so I’ve got a few scripts to run from within TextWrangler. I’d be keen to hear about peoples experience with using this script.


Thanks for making this video! Btw, I was not able to download it.

Model: iMac14,2
Browser: Safari 537.75.14
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

When you say you weren’t able to download it, do you mean MovingImages, the video or the script?


I’m sorry, I meant the video!

I assume you were able to watch it, just not download. I hadn’t thought about that. The url to the video is:

Hopefully you’ll be able to download it using that link.

It downloaded fine, many thanks!

Wow, that took about 12 seconds for about 1,500 .TIFs ranging from 1mb to 36mb in size.

Machine: iMac 27, 3.5Ghz, Core i7, 16Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M w 2048Mb, OS X 10.9.4

Yep. I wrote it to be fast. I really appreciate you providing feedback. If you have any specific image processing scripting need let me know and I’ll see if I can whip something up for you, unless one of the scripts I’ve already written can do the job.


Ha, it’s a deal! I didn’t really understand what I was doing because all I’ve done is Applescript, but with good instructions I can sometimes “monkey see monkey do” my way around.

For this kind of project I usually have my file path and the variable text I want to write to the image in Filemaker Pro, and step thru the database records one at a time, creating the new images one by one. I have the feeling that using MI one at a time in this way could possibly still be faster than anything else I’ve used. (I haven’t tested this scenario yet, though.)

Thanks for all this work!