Scale image up or down in image view?


I use the below code to search a volume for a post script file and then load that file into a image view, all works great, what I would like to do with the image in the image view is to scale it up or down, using a stepper or something like that, can this be done and if so how would I implement it into my code?

on TakeApEEK_(sender)
	set Fileext to "ps"
	set Filename to STDFILE's stringValue()
	set _selecteditem to (Filename as string)
	set GOgETiT to "mdfind -onlyin '/Volumes/RIP FILES/' 'kMDItemDisplayName == " & quote & Filename & "*" & quote & "wc" & " && (kMDItemFSName == " & quote & "*." & Fileext & quote & ")'"
	set foundfFiles to paragraphs of (do shell script GOgETiT)
	set FileToOpen to first item of foundfFiles
	tell application "System Events" to tell disk item FileToOpen
		set {tName, tEx} to {name, name extension}
		set this_file to FileToOpen
		set newImage to NSImage's alloc()'s initWithContentsOfFile_(this_file)
		imageView's setImage_(newImage)
	end tell
	imageView's release()
end TakeApEEK_


Hello Budgie,

Have a look on the post “Editable images into a text view”, there is a lot of things about image physical resizing. So the answer is “it can be done”.


cheers Bernard, looks quite complicated, but ill give it crack