scp droplet

I am trying to make a droplet that will scp the files to a fixed location. My plan is to use ‘do shell script’ for the scp command. I need to be able to insert the path to the file I am copying.

How can I get the path to the file that was dropped on the droplet?

on open someFiles
     --> {alias "path:to:file", alias "path:to:folder:", alias "path:to:folder:subfolder:file"}
end open

When you drop some stuff onto your droplet, a list of aliases is passed to the “open” handler. Then you can do whatever you need. Eg:

on open someFiles
     repeat with i in someFiles
     end repeat
end open

to mySCP(i)
     do shell script "cp -f " & quoted form of posix path of i & " /tmp/"

That was simple enough. Works great.

Where can I find more info on “POSIX form”?

Hmmmm… I don’t think there is more info. These are the only possibilities (see “StandardAdditions” dictionary):

POSIX path of alias "diskName:" --> "/"
POSIX path of "diskName:" --> "/"

"/" as POSIX file --> file "diskName:"
POSIX file "/" --> file "diskName:"

And quoted form will work for any string. Basically, it works as you see, usually used to pass strings to the shell, to avoid blank spaces or not-compatible characters:

quoted form of "wha tev er" -- "'wha tev er'"