screen resolution and Jons commands

Hi all

first, let me say i am a total newbie…

ok. I run OS 9.2.2 and i would like to write a scrit that changes the resolution of an iMac monitor from 800x600 to 1024x768.

i have read a few posts on the forums, and finally launched my applescript application…

i wrote :
set screens to {screen size:{1024, 768}}
then i clicked on “verify” (i run OS 9 in french)
it displayed :
“”," or “}” expected, but property found"…

now the question !

  • i have downloaded Jons commands, but what shall I do with them ? put them in a specific folder so that they can be used by the system (sort of plugin)?

  • what’s wrong with my syntax, script ???

any help really appreciated !!!

For more info on “set screens to” syntax, refer to the document “JonsCommandsDocs.html” and “Jon’s Commands Reference”, nesteed to the osaxen you downloaded… :wink:

Yes, shame on me, I should have read completely the documentation…
Now, there’s still a problem. There is no folder called ScriptingAdditions in my extensions folder.
I run OS 9 in french, and i haven’t noticed a folder with a name like “Scripts additionnels” (which would be the translation).

thanx !!

Then, the folder may be called with a different name.
If you can compile and run this line, you have a scripting-additions folder with Apple’s “Standard Additions” installed:

display dialog "merçi"

So, make a search for “scripting” or “additions” or “dialect” or “standard” and most probably you will find the folder…
If you don’t, which is nearly impossible, you should reinstall applescript!

Also, you can run this one-line:

tell application "Finder" to open (path to scripting additions folder)

Yep, now it is ok !!!

i finally found it : it is NOT in the extension folder, but it is in the System Folder !
its name in french is : “Compléments de pilotage”, located in system folder…

i have made a few tries now, works perfectly.

i think i will use applescripts a little more now…

thank you a thousand times !


Now that you comment it… I think that the scripting additions folder was inside the extensions folder in pre-8 systems… :?:

The point is : i have finally found it… thank to you !

now i have mixed my script with another part of a script : i wanted the resolution to come back to the prior resolution after i quit an application, and i really works like a charm, i am soooo happy !!!
thanx again, see ya later, maybe… :idea: