ScreenShots from a list of links

I have a text file that contains about 100 urls.
I was wondering if it would be possible to automate the process of opening each link and taking a screen shot of that webpage.

I know that in the past screenshots were out of reach but perhaps that has changed.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

If your text file has the URLs each on a separate line, this should work. For more information about the screencapture CLI tool, open the Terminal and type “screencapture --help”.


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Thanks Jon, I’ll take a look at the script you posted. No doubt it’ll be a bit more refined than my own frankenScript. I bound a few scripts together and it seems to work:

-- select and read contents of text file
set theFile to (choose file with prompt "Select a file to read:" of type {"TEXT"})
open for access theFile
set fileContents to (read theFile)
set target_URL to fileContents
close access theFile

repeat with each_URL in (paragraphs of target_URL)
	set target_folder_name to "screenshots"
	set target_folder to (((path to desktop) as string) & target_folder_name & ":")
	set file_prefix to "sc_"
	set sc_num to 0
	tell application "Finder"
			get target_folder as alias
		on error
			make new folder at desktop with properties {name:target_folder_name}
		end try
			set sc_num to sc_num + 1
			set file_name to file_prefix & sc_num & ".pdf"
			if (exists of file (target_folder & file_name)) = false then exit repeat
		end repeat
	end tell
	tell application "Safari"
		open location each_URL
		delay 10 -- wait 10 seconds
		do shell script "/usr/sbin/screencapture -x " & ((quoted form of POSIX path of target_folder & file_name) as string)
		close window 1
	end tell
end repeat

Thanks again.

Thanks Jon, This is perfect.