Script app sending "restricted scripting addition commands"?

How can I get rid of this? I have a number of script apps which have recently started giving me a password dialog, and it’s getting real irritating to have to key in a password each time. I’m running Yosemite (10.10); this hadn’t cropped up before I did the upgrade.

The text in the password dialog is:
“[App] is trying to send restricted scripting addition commands to other applications. Type your password to allow this.”



it looks like you’re using scripting addition commands within application tell blocks.
Either wrap the respective lines with a tell current application block or put them completely out of the application tell block

Actually Scripting Additions Security has been introduced in 10.6 Snow Leopard

Thanks, Stefan. I believe you are correct; I’ll massage my scripts. Also, I was aware of scripting addition security, but it has not been an issue until now. Don’t know why.