script / automation to run 2 mini macs playing qt in perfect sync

Hi MS,

I am looking to write a script / automation to run 2 or more mini macs to play a quicktime movie in perfect sync.

I am thinking of purchasing Apple Remote Desktop. and then script automator to play the quicktimes.

Here is my Algorithm:-

– Master machine to wake the 2 other machines from sleep

– locate 2 quicktime files in folder on each desktop

– open movies one on each monitor

– play both movies full screen

– wait until other machines have finished playing their movie (compensates for movies running out of sync over time)

– play both movies full screen

– stop all films playing

– put mini macs to sleep

i did try a midi solution but that didn’t work. I assume it is impossible to slave the timecode of one quicktime to another.

I know this isn’t helping with the AS, but I’m fairly certain that Quartz Composer can do this.

Here’s a little more on it:

yes, i’ve been looking at quartz composer. it looks more like a tool for making shapes rather than controlling machines.
i will look further… but i remember it being impossible to obtain for 10.4.11 and you have to register as a developer. etc.