script causes Entourage to quit when iTunes dialog is open

I have a project that needs to be completed tomorrow.
It involves creating 120 text files containing the names of 120 image files.
I am of course desperately searching for
an AppleScript that can do the job for me. Does anyone know where I could
find one? To be more exact, what it needs to do is read the names of
files in a given folder and for each one create a text file containing
the name of the original file, and then save each file in the same
folder. The files could have the same names as the originals but with a
.txt suffix.

Would greatly appreciate any help! Please contact me at

Please repost your question to the appropriate forum, we don’t know what operating sytem you are using, we have forums for OS X or OS 9. You’ll get a much quicker response in the correct forum.