Script Creation of 802.1x Configuration in Internet Connect

Hi All,

Applescript newb here. We have a very repetitive task of setting up people’s laptops with new 802.1x Configurations. I understand the Internet Connect is scriptable but I have no idea how to actually create the new Configuration.

Basically all I need is to have the prompt for username and password and then finish the config on its own.

Tips? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Try this link

The link just goes back to the parent page, jj.

¿Parent page? Hmmm… It was meant to be a search for “Internet AND Connect” (where you will see listed this thread, of course)…

I have gone through all that stuff and can’t really find anything. The part that really has me stuck is the command that actually creates the connection. In the app itself it is File–>New 802.1x Configuration…

If I am reading the Internet Connect dictionary properly (which I guess I am not) I should be able to say:
“make new IEEE8021X configuration”
but that does not wanna work for me.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks again,