Script Debugger 3.09 and Applescript Studio

I’m posting here in an effort to support this great Script Editor/IDE. Mark is a great guy and huge fan of MacScripter. As of the release of Tiger, AppleScript Studio no longer supports Script Debugger’s AppleScript Debugger. While it would be my hope this isn’t intentional on Apple’s part, the best way to get them to re-introduce this ability is by petition through their bug reporting system.

For those of you who are not familiar with Script Debugger [translated means under a rock for 10 years, or migrated from Billy Box :)] …

Script Debugger builds on Late Night Software’s established tradition of offering the most productive environment for building AppleScript solutions of any complexity. Its AppleScript debugger is groundbreaking in its ability to show you exactly what your script is doing at any given point. Script Debugger adds new debugging facilities to make scripting even more productive. Script Debugger lets you use its AppleScript debugger in other OSA scripting environments such as Mac OS Folder Actions, Apple Data Detectors and CGI scripting.

Version 3.0.9 addressed problem with the Paste Tell feature of the Applications palette when running under Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) has been resolved. Changes made to the value of global variables and properties when debugging AppleScript Studio and FaceSpan 4 applications are now preserved. Script Debugger now correctly parses declarations of handlers with multi-word names commonly found in AppleScript Studio and FaceSpan 4 projects. This change makes it possible to debug AppleScript Studio and FaceSpan projects using Script Debugger’s AppleScript debugger. Script Debugger can once again record on Mac OS X 10.2 and later systems. A crashing bug when running code from the Console palette window has been resolved.

NOTE: AppleScript Studio under Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) no longer supports Script Debugger’s AppleScript Debugger. As a result, the changes that improve Script Debugger 3.0.9’s ability to debug AppleScript Studio projects are only usable under Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) or Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2). Late Night has filed a bug with Apple requesting that they reinstate the ability to use alternate debuggers within AppleScript Studio. If you need this capability be sure to let Apple know (Radar bug number 4109001).

On the strength of your review here, I’ve been trying to download a demo of SD since you posted it. Unfortunately it opens with the trial period expired. No response to emails either. Is SD still in play?

Yes, I have it on very good word that Script Debugger is very much in play. :cool:

However, I’m wondering why you would be getting a demo expired thing. Have you ever tried it before?

I strongly suspect Mark is hammered. He is generally very good about replying to email. [shrug]

If you don’t hear anything back from Mark in so many days, please contact me directly and I’ll write him on your behalf.