Script Debugger Latenite software operation question

I have had Script Debugger for awhile and never really dug in to learn how to use it.

Well, lately I have had many scripting situation where it would be nice to easily track the variables.

Script Debugger does this easily (hover over the variables) when just running the script from it’s editor,

But if i am testing a droplet, (by selecting the “on” from the “Execute” buttons drop down menu.

It runs the script as if I dropped the chosen folder/files, BUT it doesn’t seem to track the variables within

it’s editor anymore. Does anyone know how to get my variables back when testing droplets?

Thank you,


I use Script Debugger too, but can’t answer your question. Probably best to contact Late Night Software directly.

t only shows the value of top-level variables. Declare the ones you want to track as globals and you should be able to track their value in the results drawer.

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

I just wrote some scripts that will save me at least an hour every single day.

I will have gave myself enough free hours in the upcoming year to take a vacation.

Thanks so much again. The wow factor of applescript is so much more satisfying than any other programming.

I hope apple developers will always want to incorporate it into their programs.

Sincerely and have a great day,