Script doesn't launch in 10.3.9 because of custom icon....

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This is very frustrating…a few posts before, I had asked how to place a custom icon in my applescript bundled utility, and one of the guys told me to delete the existing “applet.icns”, copy my new .icns file, rename it to “apple.icns” and it works. Well, that’s all good for Tiger, and Leopard, but for Panther, it gives an error when launching the application related to the icon. Is there a way to get around this for Panther, or rather a method that will work for all three platforms (Tiger, Panther, and Leopard)?

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I’m not sure the exact method for a script and I don’t have a panther machine to test on, but if you make a AppleScript Studio Application you can set up your icon in there and that should work across all 3 versions.

How do you make an Applescript studio application?

Can anybody help with this?


AS Studio is a great programming environment, but there is a bit of a curve. We have some beginner articles in our unScripted section:

There is one book out there that is actually pretty good as well, and you will find it here.

If you go to our links section, you will also find some potential resources.

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Hey, thanks for the links. However, I’m really stuck for time as this utility is already under QA testing and I just need the icon to work on Panther. I will read these articles for future use, but I just don’t have the time right now to research. Anybody know how to get the icon working on all three platforms?