Script Editor autofilling as i type?

I’ve noticed that as i code, script editor tries to guess what I’m going to write. It fills in ghost letter behind my cursor. I want to know how to accept that instead of typing out the whole word. I can’t figure out how to make those ghost letters permanent. I would expect that just pressing the right arrow key would skip to the end of the word, but no, it moves the cursor one space and erases the ghost letters. Is this just a guide to what I could or should write or is there some way to use this function to speed up my scripting?


its strange but you have to press escape.

ok, tyvm… I knew there would be a simple answer, and esc was probably almost the last key I would have expected. That helps a lot, though.


You can also press F5 - whichever you find more convenient. Try it when you see just an ellipsis, too. It should display a list of possible options, from which you can select items using the up/down arrows. When your choice is selected, press return.