Script Editor crashes

I recently used Software Update to upgrade to 10.2.3. And I wish I hadn’t. Script Editor crashes every time I use the “Open Dictionary” command. Upon selected the command, Script Editor creates the list of applications that have dictionaries (this takes some time, but that’s not new in 10.2.3). Then it shows the dialog box listing the applications. This is where Script Editor crashes, whether I do any thing or not. At first I thought it crashed when I attempted to scroll the window, but it’s a timed crash. Once I select “Open Dictionary” Script Editor crashes a second or two after the result dialog box is opened even if my hands are away from the keyboard and mouse!

Is there a fix, or am I doomed to forever guess at what is in an app’s dictionary?



I don’t know if there’s a fix but you aren’t doomed. Just drag and drop an application’s icon onto Script Editor (in the Dock or Finder). I always recommend that users run Apple’s permission repair utility after an upgrade/update. It shouldn’t hurt anything and it might actually help. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I had forgotten about the drag-n-drop option, which works. Now I have another question: where is the Finder? I can’t drag-n-drop it unless I can find it (and I can’t use the finder’s own “find” because it’s has the same problem Script Editor has – less than a second after opening the find window, the finder crashes). It isn’t in the root System folder.

Thanks, too, for suggesting the Repair Permissions Utility, but it’s only role in life is to tell me how thankful it is that its crash disturbed no other programs.


tell application "Finder"
	reveal file "System:Library:CoreServices:Finder"
end tell

Or, this might automate the process a lil bit. Tested successfully on OS X 10.2.3.

set appPath to (path to current user folder from user domain as text) & "Applications:AppleScript:Script Editor"
set finderPath to (path to system folder from user domain as text) & ""

tell application "Finder"
	open file finderPath using application file appPath
end tell

Thanks again for the tip on the Finder’s dictionary.

Almost all my problems disappeared when I turned off Speech Recognition. Pity. I like using SR to launch Applescripts and manage windows.

(The one that didn’t autorepair once SR was turned off: the disk permission repair utility still crashes on launch. Amusing, no?)