Script Editor Formatting Preferences

Last night all of a sudden I saw in Script Editor’s preferences under formatting many different options for colors and thought maybe it was a Snow Leopard thing. Then tonight when I went back they were not showing up, I am not sure how to get them all back although all the formatting I set last night is still being used by the Script Editor. I thought it might help me better learn what is what by changing the formatting all up.

How do I get all these options back?


Short List

Complete list has:

New Text
Language Keywords
Application keywords
Variables and Subroutine names
Command names
Parameter names
Enumerated values
Addition command names
Addition parameter names
Addition classes
Addition properties
Addition enumerated values

Short List has:

New Text
Language Keywords
Application keywords
Variables and Subroutine names

I see no way to scroll down to get other options to change the color on either.

That short list is what it was in Tiger (I skipped Leopard, so don’t know about that).
Do you have a Tiger/Leopard partition on this Mac?
If so, you might have started the older version. Check the About box when it’s running.

Layout settings are not kept in the Editor’s prefs file, but in

Thanks for your clue, I use QuickSilver and didn’t check the path and must have typed “applescript” the night first night and got the AppleScript and then typed “script” the next night and got the Script the old version. I didn’t realize they changed the name or that I had both of them on my machine.

AppleScript Editor is 2.3 file path Applications:AppleScript:Script Editor

Script Editor is 2.2.1 file path Applications:Utilities:AppleScript Editor

I knew they had changed the path in Snow Leopard I just didn’t realize that the old path still existed. I mostly AppleScript on my work computer on Leopard.

It’s interesting that all my new formatting settings displayed in the old script editor 2.2.1, they must be written to a shared file. I wonder if it would be ok to drag and drop the new AppleScript Editor 2.3 on a Leopard machine to have all the formatting options. It didn’t work going from Snow Leopard to Leopard on a PPC because it said It is not supported on this architecture.

Thanks for the help.

AppleScript: 2.3
Browser: Safari 533.16
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Looks like transferring the AppleScript Editor to Leopard didn’t work on an Intel machine either, oh well.