Script Editor.out Window

I’ve generated an error I’ve never seen before: two messages in a pop-up window named Screen Editor.out. In this instance, the messages say (both the same):

The window popped up when I used a command from Jon’s Commands: Screen List, which Jon Pugh admits is not fully up to Tiger. What’s interesting is that the command returns the list anyway.

This new window, however, cannot be dismissed, only hidden (resize button and close button both dimmed). To get rid of it you have to quit the Script Editor and restart it, closing the script that caused it does not. While the window exists, keyboard commands to copy or paste don’t work properly in the script editor, but do from the menu. In the Script Editor.out window not even selection works. Eventually you have to force quit the SE if you play around too much. The Script Editor won’t close it with a command either - doesn’t seem to “know” it’s there.

I’ll bet there’s a terminal command that will extract all the screen data for one or more screens, but I can’t find it.