Script Editor Plugins

HetimaOsaxOpener is a Plugin (.seplugin) for the Script Editor v2.0. To add it to your “Plugins” folder of the Script Editor, you’ll need to quit the Script Editor then ‘control + click’ on the Script Editors icon and go to “Show Package Contents”, navigate to the “PlugIns” folder and drop in the new Plugin. The next time you launch the Script Editor, there will be a new menu item in “File” menu named “Open OSAX” which will allow you to open the AppleScript Dictionary of any OSAXen you have installed on your System.

Nice plugin!

It’s too bad that Script Editor won’t recognize an alias to the plugin or the plugin folder. I prefer to keep this kind of stuff somewhere other than in the application’s package and I think it’s poor practice to require users to muck around with the contents of an application package. :?

– Rob

I wholeheartedly agree, Rob.
Someone once suggested I have users open the package to Web Jumper Pro in order to add plugins. :stuck_out_tongue: No Thanks.

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Congrats on the new PB T.J.! I’m looking forward to a review. :wink:

– Rob

Hi folks …

Per adding plugins to Script Editor

There’s an easier way: :wink:

  • select the new Script Editor’s ico in the Finder, hit Command-I, click on the triangle next to “Plug-ins:”, click on the Add… button, and point it to the plug-in.

Thanks to Shane Stanley for pointing this out. :smiley:


Thanks to both of you for sharing this excellent tip! It appears that this creates a copy in the plugins folder within Script Editor’s package. At least this overcomes the issue of users mucking about in the package. :slight_smile: I’ll not go into the other reasons that I think using the bundle for storage of additional software and/or dynamic user data is a bad idea (it’s a more general issue that is not limited to Script Editor). :wink:

In addition to locating .seplugins inside of its own application bundle (which is really only for plugins provided by Apple), SE2 will look in the following locations:

~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Script Editor
/Library/Application Support/Apple/Script Editor

So all you really need to do is create the ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Script Editor directory and place your .seplugin there.

Tim Bumgarner
AppleScript Engineering

Excellent!! Thanks Tim!

– Rob

I’ve noticed that shortly after creating this new folder (within my user domain), a new file named “Terminology.cache” appeared in the folder. Can anyone offer an explanation?

– Rob