Script for Commenting and Uncommenting Lines in XCode

It seems like this should have been covered at MacScripter before but various search terms I attempted didn’t show up anything useful.

I found the great looking Perl script on Jobu’s (another poster here at MacScripter) homepage for adding/removing comment markers in XCode:

I added this script via the XCode 3.1 “Edit Scripts” option, since the directories are no longer the way indicated on that page. However, it seems like the script currently only adds a comment marker to the first line of the selection and makes a copy of it below the current selection.

Is there a newer version of that script or alternative already out there for easily commenting out or uncommenting multiple lines of applescript code in XCode 3.0>

Model: MacBook Pro
Browser: Safari 525.18
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)