Script for Entourage

Hi All,

I need to run an applescript that modifies all outbound messages from my Entourage account. I can do this by creating a rule that runs a script over every outbound message.

It needs to add the suffix “[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]” to all outgoing messages.

I have no idea how to even begin writing an applescript - I’m a graphic designer!

Any tips?

Entourage 11.3.3

Many thanks in advance,

I should have mentioned, it needs to add “[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]” to the end of the subject line.


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In the Edit Rule settings, Have you tried to add a rule action with the criteria “Change Subject” “Add Suffix” & “[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]” ?


thanks nedloh99,

I have tried that, but Entourage wont let me apply the rule to outbound mail. It seems to only affect existing or incoming mail. Unless i’m missing something…