Script for generate traffic

Hi all

I use this script for loading a page in background

set these_items to ""
tell application "Safari" to open location these_items
tell application "System Events" to set visible of process "Safari" to false

Problem is that Safari (or another browser) open the window, coming to load site, and after hide window. For many site, it’s impossible to use any other apps during this script.
I need a script that load site in background, ONLY for generate traffic.

I’ve installed Lynx from Apple, but I can’t find any reference for use Lynx with “do shell script (command)”. I’m open to any other suggestion for load site (for generate traffic, so I need to put load command in a repeat function) in background.

Tnx for all.

Don’t involve a browser:

do shell script "curl [url=]"[/url]

Is this sufficient?

set these_items to ""
do shell script "curl " & these_items

Edit: Adam, you got the point :slight_smile:

Perfect! That’s that I meaned.

Tnx a lots