Script for getting MAC address of wireless card?


We’re trying to figure how you can get the MAC (Media Access Control) address from the Wireless card and print it to a simpletext file. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

I’m not sure how to do it in Mac OS 9 but in Mac OS X, this should work:


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Thank you for your response…I’m very new to applescript but somehow I dont think “ifconfig” is going to work in 9, I’ll give it a try…when I get a minute.

I was looking through the “Applesystem” profiler “Dictionary” but I couldn’t get any of the commands that say are available to work like PRINT etc. then again I’ve not spent much time with the syntax of it.

No, the code I posted above will only work in Mac OS X, not in Mac OS 9. Perhaps someone else can help with a 9-only solution.