Script for installing ScriptingAddition on remote machine

Hi Folks,

When building my application I learned that I am too stupid to handle the following:

With PackageMaker I am building a Package which contains:

The Applescript Application
The Scripting Addition
The Drivers for the Network Interfaces

When I am starting the application after the Installation (the scripting addition is in the correct folder!) I get 3 Error messages and then the Application is stopping with a Applescript Error (-4) → this is because the Scripting Addition is not proberly installed!

When I install the Scripting Additions without Installer (manually) everthing is working fine (as I excpected)

I have implemented the Scripting Addition inside my Application with the same result - 3 error messages (can´t find item of {}) - after installing it manually, everything is working fine!

I am now looking for a way to install the scripting addition automatically (without any user action)!

One Way could be to write an applescript to put it in the correct folder or does anybody know a way to solve this issue?

Thanks for your help,


Got it!

/System/Library/ScriptingAdditions → to put it only in the user library is not enough…

Now it is working as I excpected…

Best Regards,