Script for OmniGraffle

I am an absolute newcomer to AppleScript. I would like to create a script for use in OmniGraffle such that when an object is selected as many as perhaps a dozen predetermined web pages are opened. Is that doable? What would such a script look like?


This is entirely possible thanks to OmniGraffle's ability to attach scripts to objects.

To start, just build your script something like:

set theURLs to {"", "", ""}
repeat with eachURL in theURLs
	open location eachURL
end repeat

Then attach this script to the object/button in OmnoGraffle by selecting the object, choosing ‘Action’ from the Inspector window and switching the action to ‘Run Script’. Paste the script into the text field and you’re set.

Just change the list to include the URLs you want. You can extend the list as long as you like using any valid URL (including file://, ftp://, mailto://, etc.)