Script handler crashing

Hi all,

Could someone see if this handler crashes on your system?

To test, send yourself an email with a completely blank contents. Then make a mail rule for “every message” that calls this script. Then select the blank message in the Inbox and choose Apply Rules from the Message menu.

set LF to ASCII character 10
using terms from application "Mail"
	on perform mail action with messages theMessages
		display dialog "Executed Zap"
		repeat with theMessage in theMessages
			if (content of theMessage is LF) or (content of theMessage is missing value) or (content of theMessage is "") then
				display dialog "Matched " & (content of the message)
				delete the message
			end if
		end repeat
	end perform mail action with messages
end using terms from

It displays the first display dialog (“Executed Zap”), then crashes

I hate to have to go to a cron-job type thing to trash these blank messages every 24 hours or so, but calling a script from a Mail rule seems to have problems.

I would appreciate any help on this, as I am sure that I may have a bad construct somewhere. Many thanks!!

worked fine on an incomming message but it doesn’t work if you click apply rules

Thanks Kim.

So it didn’t crash

Did it display both dialogs and then delete the message, placing it in the Trash mailbox?

There must be something wrong with my - it is crashing in CoreGraphics whenever that script is executed.

doesn’t work == crashed?

doesn’t work == no effect?

doesn’t work == error during execution?

doesn’t work == unintended or unexpected outcome?

Thanks Jacques.

I removed the display dialog and it no longer crashes, but it does not delete the message either, so I need to trace the execution of the handler.

A stand-alone script, NOT called from a Mail Rule, works well:

tell application "Mail"
	set oneWeekAgo to ((current date) - 7 * days)
	set LF to ASCII character 10
	set theMessages to (messages of inbox) whose date received is greater than oneWeekAgo
	repeat with theMessage in theMessages
		if content of theMessage is LF then
			delete theMessage
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

Do you know of a way to debug an “on perform mail action” handler that is called by a Rule? I have an email in to Late Night Software about this - I thought there was a way to trigger the handler for debugging, but coding “perform mail action” as a statement does not call into the “on perform Mail action” handler.

Thanks a lot!!

Now I can get to debugging.