Script object: unable to retrieve text

Whether due to OSX 10.4.7 or my new MacBook, the scripting system does not allow “script object as string” anymore in:

script b
	set i to 1
	set thename to "harry"
end script

return b as string

Does anybody know how to overcome this…?

Hi, Eelco.

Your script-to-text coercion was supplied by “Jon’s Commands”. If you install that on your new machine ” and the machine has a PPC processor rather than an Intel one ” you’ll be able to carry on doing what you’re doing. Otherwise, I don’t know. Maybe it’s possible to script Script Editor to do it.


You rarely want the script as string, but what do you get if you do this:

script b
	set i to 1
	set thename to "harry"
end script

return b


Nigel & Kel,

It’s sarcastic but the rare instance you’d want to retrieve script text is when upgrading to Intel
and finding out that Jons commands is an Intel no-go, implying a dig through 200+ scripts to find
«Jons » events and the likes…

Although slightly venerable since Last updated Fri, Oct 4, 2002, Jon’s OSAX is more valued than ever, if not making itself irreplaceble…

(Notified Jon Pugh - but he is on a holiday)

Could you use one of the scripts here?

I use the one by jonn8. Then you could use a Spotlight search. I just found “«Jons » events” in the blink of an eye - in the one script I added it to as a comment.

compatability issue with Jon’s Commands and Intel Macs

I’d like to add my comment/request to the Jon’s commands and intel Macs issue. In my scripts I often want to know whether a file is already open (and avoid a lot of error messages) and Jon’s commands osax “Fileisbusy” fitted the bill perfectly, so I was very disappointed to find that it doesn’t work/isn’t recognised by script editor, on my intel macbook pro. It seems that an alternative osax “Filebusy” has the same problems.

If somebody has emailed Jon with the script to text request maybe I should add my vote ?
Or does anyone know an applescript workaround ?
I have looked extensively and am surprised that I haven’t turned up anything easily, because I frequently want to know whether a file is open or not, and I didn’t think I was so unique :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated

Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)