Script on Server thinks it's Classic App

Hi All-

I’ve stored a couple of scripts on the server as apps, compiled, I believe. When I download them to my machine the icon has changed to a crossed out circle and it does not allow me to open them, saying they are classic apps.



I think you saved them as plain Applications. I had that problem to, but when I saved my apps as an Application-Bundle, the problem was solved.

Hope it works,

they worked fine until I had a large-ish crash which wiped out a bunch of user prefs. Now I’m trying to download them from the server again, and they’re showing up as classic apps. before their icons were AS apps.

If you can’t open them with Script Editor, you can always try to show their package contents and go to ‘My Script’ and recover the main script. I can’t help you any further.

Hope it helps,