Script problems with CD rom

Hi Guys

Have a problem with my applescripts and producing a hybrid CD Rom.

The scenario:

Created a CD Rom few months back. CD Rom was created with CD Everywhere on a PC. In CD Everywhere the mac .hqx files need to be decoded into Binhex files so that they run as applications when the link is clicked to launch a pdf file.

The apple scripts were written in the script editor on OS 9.2 and then turned into .hqx files with BinHex 4.0 to transfer to the PC and everything was fine.

I have since upgraded to OS X and problems have arisen.

Various files on the CD Rom need updating and new ones adding. So I have created new scripts to open them on the CD Rom. I have used script editor again to write the scripts and again created the .hqx files to transfer to the PC with BinHex 4.0. Something has now changed in OS X that is causing a problem with the conversion of the files. It seems extra extensions are being added to the .hqx file (either .scpt extension or an extra .hqx extension).

When trying to decode these using CD Everywhere the file is not recognised as a .hqx file and is not decoded properly.

I have also tried using Drop Stuff to create the .hqx files but the same problem occurs.

Has anyone else come across this problem and is there a fix. I’m assuming you can turn off these extra file extensions somehow which maybe the cause of the problem but I can not find a way to do this. I’ve also tried using the Classic enviroment to do this but OS X just seems to take over the file naming.

Any help very much appreciated.



Yes, it’s a little annoying when OS X tries to do me a favor by appending what it thinks should be the correct extension.

Can you just have your script adjust the file name to have the correct extensions either before it gets to BinHex 4.0 or after it’s been converted, but before it gets burned?

I’m Creating a Hybrid CD using toast and I’m trying to mimic an auto run type of action so that once the user opens the CD, a flash file in that folder would open and play. Does anyone know of a way or a script that would allow me to do this?