Script quits when it's halfway done...

I’m having an odd problem with this script. The script only runs the first “do shell script” command and then quits. Both scripts will run on their own.

I could merge the two scripts into one, but I’d prefer to keep them seperate. The first one needs to run without admin privileges (to keep from screwing up permissions in the Shared folder), and the second has to run with admin privileges.

	-- Downloads kiosk profile and cleans up after itself
	do shell script "cd /Users/Shared/kiosk/kioskprofile; rm kiosk*; wget -r -l 1 -nd -np -A kiosk; rm *htm*"
	-- Copies kiosk file to System folder and renames it to ".kiosk"
	do shell script "cp /Users/Shared/kiosk/kioskprofile /Library/Preferences/Intego/ContentBarrier/Profiles/.kiosk" as "myname" password "mypassword" with administrator privileges
on error -- do nothing
end try