Script that enlarges images in finder preview

I’m an avid photographer and the Mac is by far the best platform for editing images. My question concerns the image size in a desktop finder window. Using OS 10.4, I typically open folders on the desktop and preview files as columns, which allows me to preview an image prior to opening.

Is there a script that will allow me to enlarge and control the preview image size? If nothing is readily available, I would appreciate some guidance in getting a script of this nature started. I’ve written a few AS in the past.


Hi marlon4417,

The Finder controls the (displayed size of the) preview images and I think there is just no way to manipulate it with AppleScript (or another programming language).

The Finder already has this capability. It’s called icon view mode. Just switch to that, hit cmd-j to bring up the view options (or use the Finder’s View menu), and move the slider to adjust the icon size.

Hey, Marlon
follow regulus, otherwise download a finder plugin called milkyway, which acts as Quicklook under Tiger, (Quicklook is a Leopard feature)

Milkyway is exactly what I am looking for. Perhaps there is something in Leopard that has this sort of feature but being a Tiger user, this is one fine product. Thanks guys.