Script that opens 3 IE windows

Hi i would like to write a script that opens 3 IE windows. I have someJS that will do this and it works, but what i wondered was how can i make a popup that is a certain width and hieght.

Also i would like to be able to change the webpages from each window but to different site.

set windowA to openURL blah
set windowB to openurl hajsh
set windowC to openURL agsyetsge

is this possible?? can i reference the windows through a name. So give each window a different name.

If you know JS, then use it. A search of this board would have given you the answer eventually. Here is a script to do what you need. If there is already a window in IE open, it leaves it a lone, otherwise it has to open a window in order for the JS to work so it opens a blank window that it closes when it doesn’t need it anymore. There is a movement afoot to start charging for these snippets. You can’t keep giving the milk away for free…

sorry, i would have but just as i was going to bed i thought about the idea and had to ask as i didnt have time to search. :oops: :oops:

Thanks, it works great.