Script to change LOCATION in OSX Sys. Prefs.

I have a laptop that I move around quite a bit at my school, as well as taking it home each night. Two locations have airports so I can connect wirelessly, and two other locations require ethernet connection. Each location has a few different settings. Every time I move I have to open Sys Prefs, go to Network, choose the appropriate location, apply and close. I’m running a G4 and OSX 10.2.6.

I’m a total novice at applescript, but I want to learn more. Is there a way to automate this process, so that with a click I can have my new network location ready to go?


You should be able to change locations from the “Apple Menu”, just pull down to “Location” and all of your options should be there.

Oh My god! I had no idea. After I get done feeling like a total idiot…I say thank you! I guess it never hurts to ask and I really appreciate your quick reply. Man I love OS X.


No problem, enjoy :slight_smile:

hi, i wonder how a script would look like that changes the location and tells the modem to dial in? I would like to have that script for my wife to simplify these tasks for her. for myself the normal way is ok. eh, sorry: im completely new to Apple Script.

so any help is appreciated. thanX

edit: running OSX 10.3.2