Script to check whether Acrobat Reader is installed


I’m sure this isn’t the right spot for this, but any help and/or links to information would be appreciated.

I’m building an installer using packagemaker and got it working to my satisfaction.

However, my application requires acrobat reader to be installed… Is there any way (preferably with applescript… I’m not a mac developer by trade, but do know some applescript) to check for acrobat reader, and ask if they would like to install it?

Thanks for any leads…

Maybe something like this will work.

set ddb to ""
	tell application "Finder" to application file id "CARO"
on error
	set ddb to button returned of (display dialog "Adobe Reader could not be found. Do you wish to install it?" buttons ¬
		{"No", "YES"} default button 2)
end try

if ddb is "No" then
	-- do not install
	if ddb is "Yes" then
		-- proceed with install
	end if
end if

– Rob

Any idea how to incorporate this into a packagemaker install file?

I’ve never messed with PackageMaker so I don’t know if it’s possible to trigger AppleScript scripts during the install.

– Rob