Script to Copy Exchange Calendar Events to Google Calendar

I am an above average Applescripter, but I have never attempted to script the Calendar app. I am looking to write a script that will copy all of the events within a certain date range on an Exchange calendar to my Google calendar. Both calendars show up in the Calendar App (i.e., both accounts). From looking around, this seems nontrivial.

Is this even possible?

issues starting off: 1) By “copy”, I don’t necessarily mean to use the “copy”/“paste” functionality of the program, but rather just capture the relevant info and create an identical event on the Google calendar (e.g., capture the name/description, date, start/end times and create a new event).
2) How do you identify the internal ID of each calendar?
3) If the Exchange event is an invitation (they all will be), does this matter?
4) Copy only needs to go one-way, from the Exchange Calendar to Google, not the reverse.

Any help starting off would be greatly appreciated.

Model: Mac Mini 2.3ghz i7,
AppleScript: 2.5
Browser: Safari 601.4.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)