Script to create Outlook 2011 Group and populate it with contacts?

Hi All,

I’m trying to help someone out by importing en masse their Group/Contact information from Entourage 2008 into Outlook 2011. There was a bad import of data that necessitated not doing a direct import of settings/data from Entourage [corrupt profile]. The user has some Entourage Groups that they need setup in Outlook 2011 and I thought that maybe AppleScript could help with this.

My AppleScript isn’t that great, but I did do some Google searching to see if this had already been accomplished. It seems that it might have already been done, but there wasn’t any following done through at this link.

Below is the script from the above link:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook" 
     set theGroups to every group 
     set theMembers to members of item 1 of theGroups 
     make new group in address book 1 with properties {name:"My New 
Group", members:theMembers} 
end tell

It seems like this would work, it’s just that I don’t understand the exact syntax used. I have all of the Groups/Contacts separated out in text files. All I really need is some mechanism to create the group and populate it with the addresses I need from these files or en masse in the script.

Any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated!