Script to exercise printer every 36 hrs

My ink cartridges dry out if I don’t print every fews days. I’m gone a week at a time. I’m a real klutz with AppleScript. Surely someone has crafted a script for this problem.

I need a script that could automatically execute every 3 days or so at midnight, print a simple stored text document, and keep the ink flowing for when I get back. Tired of doing the alchohol bath and waiting overnight. Any help would be appreciated. jon Nathan referred me to this site.

John Monday
Bellaire, TX

Model: G4 dual 1 g processor
Browser: Safari 412.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Save this as an application and it should do the trick…

property repeatTime : 129600 --3 days in seconds
property fileToPrint : missing value --Set on first run

on run
	if fileToPrint is missing value then
		set fileToPrint to choose file with prompt "Choose the document to print"
	end if
end run

on idle
	set the fileToPrintString to fileToPrint as string
	set the fileToPrintPath to POSIX path of the fileToPrintString
	do shell script "/usr/bin/lp '" & fileToPrintPath & "'"
	return repeatTime
end idle

You’ll have to start it off at midnight to get it to repeat at midnight.

thanks so much for the help:)