Script to "open file in...."

I am fairly new to Mac & Entourage. During the work day I have clients email me .JPG files and I would like to be able to Command click (right click) the file that is attached in the email & have it open in Adobe Fireworks CS3 or PhotoShop CS3. When I right click on it now there are several script options, none of which help me out.

I can add a compiled script to the Entourage Script Menu but I don’t know how to write & compile a script like that. Can anyone help?

Moving to OS X…

Opening a file with any program is easy as long as you know the path to the file… and that’s your problem… the image file is inside of an email message, inside of the entourage email database, and thus I don’t think you can get the path to the attached file. As such, my suggestion would be to just drag the image file from the email onto your desktop… then right-click on that image, go to the “open with” menu item and select your application.