Script to open selected applications

Hello, this i’m sure will be a fairly simple question for most of you, hopefully anyway.

I work with a lot of different video media. I have different utilities for viewing, editing, and such. I need help with a script that will take the current selection in the finder (whatever I have clicked on) and open it in a specific application. The goal for this script is to save me room on the dock, and prevent any more clutter on the desktop from alias files to the application I want to use. There are certain utilities that I don’t use frequently and don’t need on the dock.

So basically, I select file abc in whatever window, go to the script menu, select the open in quicktime script, or whatever else(a different script for each application is what i’m thinking) and have it open the selected document in quicktime, even though it isn’t necessarily a quicktime document.

Thanks in advance for any help, and as you probably see, I’m new to this jazz.


This might work.

tell application "Finder" to open selection using "path:to:application"

– Rob

That works perfectly!!!

Much appreciated.

ben c