Script to remove Tracking/Kerning from an InDesign Document

Hello everyone,

I need a solution an Apple-Script to remove Tracking and/or Kerning from an active InDesign Document. The InDesign file may contain one or several pages. It may or may not contain styles or even styles with overrides.

I want the script to make sure that none of the Operator has manually adjusted the layout using Tracking/Kerning. I want the Tracking to be ZERO everywhere.

Any suggestions, please.

Hurray… I got it by myself… Here is the script…

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"
	tell active document
		set tracking of every story to 0
	end tell
end tell

Is there any code to restrict the script to run over the Locked Layers and/or text boxes. I do not want the Locked items to get affected with the code.

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"
	tell active document
		tell every story
			set applied language to "English: UK"
			set tracking to 0
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Please help…

Any Ideas…?

You’re probably going to have to iterate over every frame, checking its item layer and whether the frame is locked. But first, you should check if the code actually changes them anyway – it might not.

Hi Shane, I do not agree with you here, because my script is working fine. The script when run, changes the language to English UK and makes the Tracking to zero of the active InDesign document.

I have tested the script and it is working fine. It is now a part of our process. We have strict guidelines to use English UK dictionary and also the tracking should be zero everywhere.

The only problem with the script is that it changes the Locked text boxes as well and I’m asking help from the Masterminds to edit the script a little to literate it to be effected only on the unlocked text boxes/layers.

The reason to edit the script in such a way is that some objects in the document are template elements where Tracking is actually a part of the design, therefore, I do not want those objects to get affected with this script and hence needs something which will not effect the locked layers/text boxes.

Any ideas?

Since this is a commercial request for a business, why not hire someone with the knowledge to create what you need?