Script to reverse the order of a list

I have a list of items separated by CRs that I need to reverse, in the same way as the “Reverse Lines” command in BBEdit’s “Tools” menu.

I am only an occasional programmer, so I need a solution I don’t need to code myself! (I need this to reverse the direction of the contents of certain fields in a FileMaker database).

Any pointers to a solution would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s an example of how to reverse a files name. Maybe you can adjust it to fit your needs.
PS: I’m not sure who the script.

Is this what you need?


If you can get the items into an AppleScript list, you can simply use the “reverse” command on your list, and AppleScript will reverse the order of the list contents.

set myList to {167,"Minneapolis","Uncle Bob"}
reverse of myList

result = {“Uncle Bob”,“Minneapolis”,167}