script to run on nested folders

I am creating a Applescript that i want to fun on folders inside folders. I have the script working but it dose not run on the nested folder or folder inside folders. What do i need to change in my script?

This is the sctipt I am working with

on open the_folders
	set exiftool_path to "/usr/bin/"
	set exiftool_args to "-software"
	repeat with the_folder in the_folders
		set exiftool_args to exiftool_args & " " & quote & POSIX path of the_folder & quote
	end repeat
	set the_md to do shell script exiftool_path & "exiftool " & exiftool_args
	tell application "TextEdit"
		set NewDoc to make new document
		set text of NewDoc to the_md
	end tell
end open

on run
	set chosen_folder to choose folder with multiple selections allowed
	open chosen_folder
end run

What you want to do is called recursion: a bit of code calling itself.
There’s a model script here.