Script to select ACCOUNT from which mail is sent (Apple Mail)

I am an obvious newbie trying to create a simple script in MAIL (OSX).
I simply want to fill in the “To”, “Subject” and “Message” fields and then send the email.
I have been successful except for the following:
Under the subject field is an “Account” field which lists several of my accounts.
How do I select one of those accounts?

The script I have defaults to the account that is listed when the “new message” is opened. I would like to be able to select a particular one.

Many Thanks in advance.


the sender account should have the format

“John Doe

here’s an example to choose the sender account from a list,
but of course you can set it explicitly

tell application "Mail"
	set listOfSenders to {}
	set everyAccount to every account
	repeat with eachAccount in everyAccount
		set everyEmailAddress to email addresses of eachAccount
		if (everyEmailAddress is not equal to missing value) then
			repeat with eachEmailAddress in everyEmailAddress
				set listOfSenders to listOfSenders & {(full name of eachAccount & " <" & eachEmailAddress & ">") as string}
			end repeat
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

set theResult to choose from list listOfSenders with prompt ¬
	"Which account would you like to send this message from?"
if theResult is not equal to false then
	set theSender to item 1 of theResult
end if

tell application "Mail"
		set sender to theSender
	end try
end tell

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was sent to the Gulag for a couple of days for failing to follow protocol.

Thanks for the above script. It doesn’t solve my specific problem but definitely helps me wrap my brain around AppleScript a little better and I thank you for that.

In the simple “send a letter script” that I am trying to write I know the account name that I want to use. I am not trying to select a particular account name from a list. I would like the script to use the specific account name that I want.

I am able to tell “mail” to send a new message, complete the subject line, complete the content line, and create the text of the message. But I am unable to tell it to use a specific account from which the message should be sent. If I send a letter manually I am able to choose from a scroll down menu and select the specific account. I need that last task done automatically to select a PREDETERMINED specific account.