script to select printer in laserwriter in chooser

Hi there,

I am having problems with asking my script to select a printer from chooser and laserwriter.

I dun need to build the printer on desktop, just need to select it…

is applescript able to do that??

Any help appreciated… thanx a lot.


Assuming that there is only one printer on the desktop whose name contains “Laser” and you desire to have the Finder select it.
I would suggest the following:

tell application "Finder"
	select (every item of the desktop whose name contains "Laser")
end tell

If not adjust the code to the specific name of the Laser Writer you are trying to select

It seems to work just fine with OS 8.6

Hello there, hello Paul,

Thanks for your reply. Thats works with one of the printer.

But the actual one that I really want to choose is not on the desktop.

It is available through chooser, appletalk zone ; say “Zone A”, LaserWriter, and a printer name; say “HP8001”

This printer is not on the desktop. If i need to select it, i will goto chooser, pick on Zone A, click on LaserWrite, click on HP8001 and then close the chooser…

Can the step above be automated by AppleScript??

Thanks a lot.


Did you try the XCMD osax I told you about in your previous post?