script to send email to cell phone using entourage

was bored sitting here and thought i would start to see if anyone would be interested in such a script before i start working on it

i wil do it anyway just wanted to see if anyone else might be intersted in it

Hi Joe, check out our scriptbuilders section…

I am using an exchange account and the script will not recognize the exchange inbox

Also am sending to a nextel phone just have to mailto: phonenumber(no - or spaces)

maybe jonathon nathan can help on this one

Sorry, Joe, what are you trying to do? The SMS scripts I wrote are kind of cool but why not just create a rule that forwards mail to your Nextel phone’s email address?


that would be to simple!

j/k i tried to but the rules were ineffective

maybe i am doing it wrong
or maybe the rules can’t affect an Exchange server acct