Script to send to my e-mail web form submit information

my idea is very easy. I would like to use Apple Script to send to information to my E-mail about my web visitors who leave their dates in my web using form. That’s:

  1. A visitor leaves, for example, his name, phone, comment in the web form I have in my web page,
  2. After, my Apple Script is activated, it gets the information in the web form about this visitor
  3. Send that information to my E-mail

Any idea? This could be a very nice script!

Why not just code that using html “mailto” ?

Is not a good idea to use “mailto” cose the user must have configured E-mail on the computer (Outlook for example). Thus, without POPc client is not possible to send the information. Any idea?

Does your web server have support for other languages eg php

Yes, my web server supports php,