Script to set a new ICal even with open file alarm

Hi! Can me help anyone, please, with that question:
I would like to write a script that set a new ICal event with open file alarm. It could be very easy, I supose, but I am new in AppleScript, so I don’t know how is the code writing for this script. Thanks in advance!

Modified from my iCalMail script…

tell application "iCal"
	set cal to "Home"
	set thisCalendar to first calendar whose title is cal
	set p_path to "/path/to/item"
	set eventeer to (make new event at end of event of thisCalendar)
	set summary of eventeer to "Title of event"
	set description of eventeer to ("desctiption of event")
	tell eventeer
		make new open file alarm at beginning of open file alarms with properties ¬
			{trigger interval:0, filepath:p_path}
		set the start date to ((current date) + (60 * 5))
	end tell
	show eventeer
end tell

Great! It works perfectly! Thanks, Maestro! Tell me please, one thing: where (in what book) can I learn more about AppleScript? Thanks again!

I never lerned from a book. You can learn everything you need on this forum,, the /Library/Scripts folder, and Mostly I learned from examples.