script to take opened files from Preview and import them to iPhoto?

I’ve got an eyefi card in my digital camera that sends my pics directly to a folder on my laptop in which a folder action runs that automatically opens the image in preview. What I’d like to do next is to close the images I don’t want, and then run an applescript that will take the remaining open images in Preview and import them into iPhoto.

I guess if I were to do it manually, I would drag the proxy icon of each window into iPhoto? But that would create several separate events in iPhoto since it would import them one at a time. It would be ideal if there was a way for Applescript to locate the open images in finder, and then import all of those images into iPhoto all at once. Is this possible? If so, any tips on how to get started with that? I’m a newb to Applescript, so be gentle. :wink:

Not with Preview but should be fairly simple with Skim.