Script to test if a host is alive???

I am trying to write a script that monitors mounted network volumes. If a volume becomes dismounted, the script will check to see if the remote host is up and running before trying to re-mount the volume. The script I wrote works fine. It uses a ping command to determine if the host is up or down. However, I run this script using the crond. Cron apparently does not like the way i wrote the script because it never re-mounts my volumes.

Does anybody know why this would be or have a better way to go about doing this.

The command that files during the cron run is

set Result to do shell script “ping -c 1
set AppleScript’s test item delimiters to “,”
set Test to the second text item of Result
set Number to the first word of Test

if number is “1” then

mount volume…

If I remove the above code, the cron job will mount the volume just fine.


Thank you kindly,

Kirk Frankovich

The computers I am testing this on are all running 10.3.9.

First, you’ve got typo (“test item” instead of “text item”) and you’re trying to use reserved words as variables (result & number). Finally, you don’t trap any errors that may occur if the ping fails. Try this:

property host_domain : ""

set domain_active to my ping_domain(host_domain)

on ping_domain(the_domain)
		return (((do shell script "ping -c 1 " & the_domain)'s paragraph 5's word 4) = "1")
	on error
		return false
	end try
end ping_domain



Thank you for the reply.

The typo was only in the message I posted, not in the code itself. I do not trap any errors…but in my testing I was pinging a box that I new was running…so no error should have been thrown.

In addition, the script worked just fine when run from the command line using osascript myscript.scpt. If I went to cron and scheduled it to run…the volume never got mounted. If I removed the part with the ping and let cron run the script…the missing volume would mount.

What I am looking for is either a reason why the script would run when manually run, but not under cron…or another/better way to test and see if a host is alive or down.

Thank you.
Kirk Frankovich